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Women's hair loss is getting worse every day? Say goodbye to female hair loss, 4 ways you don’t know

Hair can be said to be the second face for women. Female hair loss is a very common problem in life. Many women are deeply troubled, and in daily life, there are actually many reasons for female hair loss. So, what causes female hair loss? I am troubled by hair loss, how can I get rid of it?

The main causes of female hair loss are as follows

1. Menstrual period

Female hair loss is largely caused by male hormones in the body. When we enter the menstrual period and the hormones in the body are disturbed, the problem of hair loss will increase accordingly.

2. Postpartum

A large amount of female hormones are secreted in the body during pregnancy, and the hair has sufficient growth hormones. However, due to the sudden decrease in hormone secretion after childbirth, a large amount of hair will fall off naturally, but this phenomenon will return to normal about 6 months after childbirth.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome

Women suffering from this disease have long-term sexual hormone secretion disorders, excessive male hormones, manifested by excessive facial and body hair, and hair becomes thinner. It can also cause ovulation problems, acne and weight gain.

4. Pressure

The rapid pace of life and fierce competition in modern society put people under increasing pressure. Stress is closely related to hair loss, and it can also accelerate people's aging and increase wrinkles. In this regard, the only countermeasure is to unload the burden in time and relax yourself completely.

5. Lose weight and diet

Dieting makes the hair lack of adequate nutritional supply. If the hair lacks iron intake, it will become yellowish and lusterless, which will eventually cause a lot of hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to have balanced nutrition and do not blindly diet to lose weight.

What to do with female hair loss?

1. Use combs correctly

Plastic combs are more resistant and durable than other materials. But we need to know that plastic combs can generate static electricity and cause some hair loss. It is recommended to comb the hair with natural materials (such as wooden combs, horn combs, etc.), combing 100 times a day, to promote blood circulation and reduce hair loss.

2. Good work and rest

Staying up all night seems to be commonplace, and people often play with their mobile phones late at night. In fact, this is a very bad behavior. 22:00-23:00 in the evening is the time for our body to repair itself, which will seriously affect our health.

3. Reasonable diet

Hair and gray hair lack nutrients due to insufficient menstrual blood. You can eat more foods rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A and good for hair, such as milk, poultry, vegetables, fish, etc., which are rich in protein, lean meat, and fruits.

4. Use less computer phones and reduce radiation

Facts have proved that contact with computers and mobile phones can indeed cause hair loss. So play less on computers and mobile phones. Do a good job in radiation protection.

After the hair loss occurs, we must know what is causing it, then adjust the body, and pay attention to rest at ordinary times, not to be overworked.