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Why does your hair fall so badly?

Whether it is shampooing or combing, grab a handful of hair; wake up occasionally in the morning and look at a handful of hair on the pillow? Even after cleaning the bedroom, it was all hair on the broom! Oh, my God, what happened, and if this continues, will I become bald? It's terrible, what should I do? Why is hair loss so serious? !

Maybe the male compatriots rarely encounter this kind of thing, and they don't have much feeling, but the female compatriots encounter it mentally, and it is simply intolerable. I changed a bunch of shampoos and bought a bunch of products to treat hair loss, but it didn't help! The reason why I tried so many methods to no effect is mainly because I did not find the main reason for hair loss and did not fundamentally solve the hair loss.

1. Excessive mental stress. In the development of contemporary society, people’s mental pressure is increasing, especially women, facing pressure from work, life and family. According to related studies, excessive mental stress can cause hair loss and accelerate people's aging. Therefore, you must adjust your mental state in time, remove the mental burden, and relax yourself.

2. Excessive weight loss and diet. In order to pursue beauty, many women lose weight by dieting and do not pay attention to a balanced diet. As a result, the hair lacks sufficient nutrition, and the hair will become yellow and dull. In the worst case, a large amount of it will be lost. Therefore, girls should also pay attention to nutritional balance when losing weight. They should not blindly diet to lose weight, otherwise the results may be counterproductive.

3. Frequent perm and dyed hair. In modern society, perming and dyeing hair seems to be a fashion trend. More and more women are perming and dyeing their hair, and some are more frequent. As everyone knows, it is this kind of frequent perm and dyeing that has caused serious damage to our hair, causing serious head damage and more serious hair loss. Therefore, we must reduce the frequency of hot dyeing.

4. The influence of hairstyle. Frequent tight ponytails, horn braids, and curling bands that tie the hair tightly can damage the hair and cause hair loss. Therefore, when tying your hair, you should tie it loosely and reduce the use of rubber bands.

5. Disease impact. Some diseases or congenital sebaceous gland problems may cause hair loss. For this reason, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to rule out disease factors.

Now you have a certain understanding of hair loss, right? Quickly find out the cause of your hair loss and solve it. After all, black and beautiful hair is really beautiful.