Hair Growth

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Why do you lose a lot of hair at a young age?

Young people who are troubled by hair loss are all around you and me. There are countless young talents who are worried about whether they will be bald when they are younger than 30 years old. Hair loss and high hairline will affect the image of young people, and at the same time cause young people a lot of anxiety. "Having thick hair" is undoubtedly a very important thing for young people.

mental stress

Hair loss is often related to mental stress, and mental stress is often one of the main reasons for young people to lose hair. Young people are often burdened with greater mental pressure while working hard. Under the effect of mental stress, the human hair stands upright, the erector pili muscles contract, and the central nervous system becomes disordered, which will eventually lead to hair loss.


Malnutrition often refers to improper eating habits, such as being keen on barbecues, cold drinks and other foods, which will affect the quality of hair and eventually lead to hair loss.

Hair loss caused by disease

Some systemic and local diseases may cause hair loss. Among them, the infection of various pathogens is also one of the important factors that cause hair loss, generally including bacteria, spirochetes, viruses, fungi, parasites and so on.

Normal hair loss

Hair has its own lifespan, so we always lose hair after waking up. This is natural shedding, which is normal. Summer is the season for hair loss. Due to the high temperature in summer, our pores are expanding, so hair loss is more frequent than when it is cold. Some hair loss is congenital, and a small number of people have normal hair at birth, but it will fall out soon without regenerating.

Learn to relax

Some young people have "round baldness" on their heads. "Round baldness" is also called ghost shaving. When the brain is greatly stimulated, a large piece of hair may fall off overnight. Learn to relax one's mood, not be entangled in something, and maintain a calmer mood can well prevent hair loss.

Good habits

Staying up late and having irregular diet and rest is a daily routine for many young people. Eat less greasy food, try to eat lightly, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Develop such a diet as long as you stick to it for a period of time can well alleviate the problem of head oil, thereby increasing the quality of the hair and avoiding hair loss. Adequate sleep allows hair to obtain normal metabolism. On the contrary, the imbalance of hair metabolism can cause hair loss.

The external causes of hair loss should be avoided as much as possible

The process of dyeing and perming will cause certain damage to the hair, while the hair dye and perm liquid are more harmful to the hair. It takes at least three months to reduce the damage to the hair. The water temperature when shampooing should be close to body temperature, more than forty degrees will cause damage to the hair. At the same time, the humidity and temperature of the air will affect the hair, so more attention should be paid.