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What should I do if my hair is often greasy with "hair loss"? Pay attention to these points

Hair loss refers to the phenomenon of hair loss.
Hair that falls normally is the hair that is in the anagen phase and the telogen phase. Since the hair entering the anagen phase and the newly entering the growth phase are constantly in dynamic balance, a normal amount of hair can be maintained.
Pathological alopecia refers to abnormal or excessive hair loss. There are many reasons for this.

There are about 100,000 hairs per person. Normally, less than 100 hairs fall out every day, and hair loss is uniform. If more than 100 hairs fall off every day, or hair loss is patchy, it may be pathological hair loss.

So, why some people’s hair is always oily and hair loss is more serious? What is causing this? In fact, there are two reasons for this.

1. Excessive secretion of androgens in the body; according to Hefei Fukang dermatologist Chen Zhengqin, if the secretion of androgens is excessive, then the oil secretion of our hair follicles will be strong, which will cause the hair to become oily. Once the hair is easily oily If so, then its hair loss problem will be more serious.

2. A certain microorganism causes our hair to become more and more oily

Mainly because this kind of microorganism inhibits the activity of our sebaceous glands, resulting in abnormal secretion, the scalp's ability to absorb oil will be weakened, and therefore the hair will become oily.

[So how to solve it? 】

We can supplement our body with enough trace elements by supplementing vitamin b2 or vitamin b6. In this way, it can also fundamentally inhibit hair oil and hair loss, but it requires long-term persistence. In the same way, remember that in order to prevent the hair from becoming too oily and hair loss becoming more and more serious, we should avoid spicy food in our diet and adopt a lighter diet.

In addition, there are 2 main factors that cause hair loss:

(1) Transition season

With the change of seasons, the difference of each season, whether it is the temperature difference or the climate, will bring some unsuitability to the body. Seasonal hair loss is a relatively common phenomenon.

(2) Genetic factors

The human body is a very magical structure, and its genes are different. Longevity can also have genetic factors. The same diseases are also true. Hair loss is no exception. Hair loss is actually related to heredity.

This kind of hair loss will exist at birth, and at the same time, if the mother's intake of nutrition is insufficient when the mother is pregnant, it is also likely to cause the child to lose hair. If someone in the family has a head-down situation, then the probability of hair loss in the offspring of this family is generally higher than that of ordinary people.

【Diet Therapy:】

Usually, you should eat more minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins A, B, C, and foods that contain more protein to supplement the body with nutrients so that the hair can also be absorbed and prevent hair loss.

Iron and zinc deficiency can cause a lot of hair loss. It is recommended to eat more green and yellow vegetables and fruits, such as spinach and soybeans, to supplement iron. You can eat oysters for zinc supplementation. They are rich in zinc and also contain some healthy proteins. 97% of the hair is composed of protein. For hair loss caused by excessive weight loss, just re-ensure nutritional balance.