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What is the cause of serious hair loss in men? It is recommended to improve the broadcast articles from these 3 aspects

Why do many young people nowadays have their hair falling out in a handful?

Before, hair loss seemed to only happen to older people, but in recent years, many young male friends have also been confused by hair loss. They have been feeling why they started to lose hair at such a young age. ? And it was still very serious, and the friends around him were laughing at him.
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First: wash your hair often

In order to look better, the young guy washes his hair in the morning, blows it with a hair dryer, and makes a style.

When returning home at night, in order to better wash away the dust of the day, the hair will be washed, even though the washing is a sign of cleanliness.

But washing your hair diligently may not be a good thing. Washing your hair too diligently will damage your hair, cause too many metabolic glands in your hair, and make hair loss more and more serious.

Second: stay up late often

Nowadays, many young male friends always think that it is not easy to be harmful to the human body if they are young and often staying up late.

In fact, staying up often once or twice is really nothing, but staying up for a long time often staying up late at night will cause confusion in women’s endocrine, causing too much metabolism of vegetable oils in the hair, and it is easy to damage the hair follicles. This in turn causes hair loss to occur.

Third: too much pressure

Although many young men’s male friends are carefree and don’t care about world affairs, there are some men who are responsible for the duties at home and need to work diligently, which invisibly increases work pressure.

A person's mood swings and stress are too high, and the body's sex hormones will be confused, causing endocrine disorders, and harming the physical and mental health of hair, and hair loss will become more and more serious.

Fourth: Deficiency of Kidney Qi

Kidney deficiency is something that every man is unwilling to face, but if you fail to cope with it, it does not mean that he did not occur. Nowadays, many male friends are usually overworked and don’t know to rest; they often stay up late and work overtime; too many couples have sex, all of which cause your kidneys to become weak and reduce kidney function.

So, does a man's kidney deficiency cause kidney deficiency? Traditional Chinese medicine says: "The kidney is the innate foundation of a man, the liver governs the tendons, the bone produces the marrow, the marrow builds essence, and its blooms are growing...",
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Hair is the petals given by the function of the kidneys. If a man develops kidney deficiency, he will endanger the biochemistry of blood qi, and he will not be able to transmit blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the top of his head.

Over time, the hair follicles on the hair cannot be moisturized, which will damage the hair follicles. At this time, men will gradually lose their hair.

Therefore, if a man has kidney deficiency, it will cause hair loss. In addition, a man with kidney deficiency is also likely to suffer from symptoms such as backaches and legs, cold body, sleepy dreams, tinnitus, dizziness, and weakened physiological functions.

When a man's kidney deficiency causes hair loss, the man must remember to immediately improve his kidney function, immediately manipulate the hair loss condition, and restore his own shiny and dense hair. Men's kidney deficiency causes hair loss, so we can improve it from three levels.

The first level: combing hair

There are meridians and acupoints on the top of the head, and one acupuncture on the head is Baihui, which is the sect of hundreds of channels and the meeting of all yangs. Men who lose hair can comb their hair for ten minutes sooner or later every day, but combing is not simple, two or three strokes are enough, or some specific methods must be paid attention to.

It is suggested that when we comb our hair, we can choose the finger pad of the ring finger, or choose the peach comb, jade comb, and stone comb.

When combing your hair, you should gradually start from the left forehead, through the top of the right ear to the back of the skull, then the middle, and then the top of the right head.

When combing your hair, you don’t need to pay attention to the speed, the amplitude should be moderate, gentle and slow, and you should also think about whether there are tendons. If you have it, you need to sort it out. According to this order, all the tops of the head need to be combed.

Combing your hair in the morning and evening every day can have the actual effect of massaging the head. It can promote part of the blood circulatory system, release the pressure on the hair, promote the operation of blood gas, and be beneficial to the repair of irritating hair follicles. It can not only prevent hair loss, but also have a certain stop. The actual effect of hair loss, long-term persistence, or satisfactory actual effect.

The second level: more vitamin supplements

According to traditional Chinese medicine, gray and black can enter the kidneys, so men in daily life can eat more black foods that are beneficial to kidney and yang, such as seaweed, silky chicken, dried black mulberries, black beans, black sesame powder, and big black beans. Not only can it help male friends supplement vitamins, but it also has the actual effect of preventing hair loss.

The third level: sleep well

We have already said that staying up frequently will cause hair loss. Therefore, in daily life, we should ensure adequate sleep time, and we should go to bed and get up early, and insist on saliva before 10 o’clock in the evening every day to reduce frequent staying up late. time. A good night’s sleep and a better night’s sleep can keep the human body in a healthy condition and help prevent hair loss. Sleep well, blood flow smoothly, and hair that has fallen out can gradually grow back.
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