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What is "Biotin"? I heard that it can prevent hair loss?

Everyone wants to have thick hair, but due to factors such as work and life pressure, "hair loss" has become a major problem that plagues modern people. Anti-hair loss foods and products are becoming more popular and there are more and more types. There is a rumor on the Internet that biotin is beneficial to the growth of hair and nails and is a "anti-dropping artifact". So what exactly is biotin? Can biotin prevent hair loss?

Biotin is actually a kind of vitamin, also known as vitamin H, coenzyme R, and vitamin B7, which are water-soluble vitamins.

It is a factor found in the liver during the study of yeast growth factor and rhizobia growth and respiration promotion factors in the 1930s, which can prevent hair loss and skin damage in rats induced by feeding raw egg protein. The next study found that biotin can participate in cell repair and regeneration, and can improve the structure of keratin, which is the basic protein that constitutes hair, skin and nails. Therefore, the clinical manifestations of a lack of biotin are mainly skin, mucous membrane and nervous system damage. Long-term lack of biotin may cause hair loss, peeling, dry skin, etc., and also cause a decline in immune function.

But please note that supplementing with biotin is only effective for hair loss caused by biotin deficiency. There are many reasons for hair loss. In addition to the lack of biotin, there are also hereditary hair loss, folliculitis, and mental factors. Biotin can only alleviate the hair loss caused by the lack of biotin. In this regard, in the face of hair loss, everyone should first go to the hospital to find the real cause of the hair loss, so as to prescribe the right medicine.
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For biotin-deficiency vegetarian vitamins for hair loss, how should everyone consume enough biotin in daily life? In fact, as long as you eat normally, you will not be deficient in this vitamin. Because the vitamin can be called "biotin" because it is widely distributed in food, almost every food contains biotin. However, for long-term alcohol abuse, pregnant or lactating women, long-term consumption of raw eggs, and people who lack biotinase, additional biotin intake is required, and the Chinese Nutrition Society proposes that the appropriate daily intake for adults is 30 micrograms.
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