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What causes a lot of hair loss in women? What can we eat in life to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is normal in a certain amount, especially in autumn. But exceeding a certain amount is a manifestation of human body's sub-health. Hair is nourished by essence and blood, and the blood is not strong. Just like the soil is not fat, the crops are not luxuriant, the hair is not dense, and it is easy to fall off. Many women suffer from hair loss, which causes panic among many people. 9 and a half of 10 women have hair loss. Occasionally, hair loss is not a big problem, but if it is frequent, it means there is a problem. So often What causes hair loss? How to improve long-term hair loss?

12 common factors that cause female hair loss

1. Genetic factors. Hair loss has a certain relationship with genetic factors. Hair loss in parents often causes hair loss in children. But this is not absolute, it can only be said that the possibility is greater.

2. Malnutrition. The growth and development of hair is closely related to protein, vitamins and minerals. When fat intake is too much, it can also affect hair growth and even cause hair loss.

3. Physical and chemical hair loss. Physical hair loss caused by long-term exposure to radioactive sources, long-term playing with computers and mobile phones, and watching TV. Using inferior shampoo, irritating hair dye, often dyeing perm, doing styling, is particularly harmful to the hair quality! Please note! If you don’t wash your hair for a long time, your hair follicle pores will be blocked, causing hair loss.

4. Endocrine disorders. Hair growth is closely related to endocrine. For example, thyroxine deficiency can cause hair loss.

5. Excessive use of brain. For people who overuse the brain, the blood on the head is mainly concentrated in the brain, so that the blood on the scalp is relatively reduced. If it goes on for a long time, it will cause hair loss due to insufficient hair nutrition.

6. Chronic diseases. Such as tinea capitis, scalp eczema, anemia, etc. can cause hair loss.

7. The use of contraceptives. According to doctors, contraceptives contain a lot of estrogen and progesterone. Therefore, many women believe that taking certain contraceptives can make their hair darker and denser. As everyone knows, after women stop taking it, they often cause hair loss. The main reason is If you do not take vitamins at the same time, you can prevent hair loss in women by taking vitamins in combination.

8. Long-term use of computers. For those who are engaged in computer work, due to the long time facing the computer and high concentration, the secretion of the hair is imbalanced, the hair follicles are blocked, and the hair nutrition is insufficient, which eventually leads to hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended that female friends do not face the computer for a long time. Computer to prevent hair loss.

9. Excessive dieting to lose weight. With the advent of the "weight loss fever", many women are also facing the problem of hair loss. According to a statistics from Japan, the proportion of hair loss among young women between the ages of 20 and 32 is about 1/4. For women who lose weight, they often eat vegetarian foods, such as vegetables, fruits and flour, which result in insufficient protein and trace elements and unbalanced nutrition, leading to so-called female hair loss.

10. Physical illness. The body is affected by the virus, high fever damages the hair mother cells, inhibits the normal division of hair mother cells, makes the hair follicles in a state of shock and causes hair loss, such as acute infectious diseases, long-term use of certain drugs, etc. As we all know, a lot of hair loss may occur during chemotherapy, and it may even fall into bald head.

11. Improper diet. This diet method will directly or indirectly affect the health of the hair. Many women like spicy and oily foods, which can easily cause sebum secretion and block hair follicles. Some women like to eat sweets, which will make bacteria multiply faster. If you keep this eating habit for a long time, your hair will fall off naturally.

12. Hair influence. Ponytails, horn braids and twist braids that are tied too tightly, as well as curly bands that tie the hair tightly, can damage the roots and cause hair loss for a long time.

So, what can we eat to prevent hair loss in life? What do women eat for hair loss?

Supplement iron. People with frequent hair loss often lack iron in their bodies. Iron-rich foods include soybeans, black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, lithium fish, bananas, carrots, potatoes, etc. Supplement iodine. The luster of the hair is related to the function of the thyroid gland. Iodine supplementation can enhance the secretory function of the thyroid gland, which is conducive to the health of the hair. Eat more kelp, seaweed, oysters and other foods.

Supplement plant protein. With dry hair and split ends, you can eat more soybeans, black sesame seeds, corn and other foods. Supplement vitamin E. Vitamin E can resist hair senescence, promote cell division, and make hair grow. You can eat more fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame seeds, etc., which are good for hair care.

Eat more alkaline substances such as vegetables and fruits. One of the factors for hair loss and yellowing is the acid toxins in the blood, which is caused by excessive physical and mental fatigue, long-term overeating of pure sugars and fatty foods, causing acid toxins in the metabolic process of the body. The acidic substances in foods such as liver, meat, onions, etc. are likely to cause excessive acid toxins in the blood, so eat these foods sparingly.

Women’s hair loss is definitely more serious. If women’s hair loss is severe, then a little bit of hair loss looks like a lot of hair loss. These foods can help you improve your hair loss. If the hair loss is too serious, then It is time to try this method to improve your hair loss in time, not only by improving your diet, but also by taking care of your own life, so that your hair loss can be improved best.

1. Nut foods. The highest inositol content, such as peanuts, pine nuts, melon seeds and walnuts. Because nuts are the essence of plants, they are rich in nutrients, such as oil, protein, and minerals. They have a higher content of oil, protein, and minerals. They have a good effect on the growth and development of the human body and prevent hair loss.

2. Poultry. Like chickens, ducks, geese, etc., they can provide high-quality protein to ensure the health of your hair.

3. Carrots. Carrots are an important source of vitamin A, which can promote the health of the scalp and give the scalp a good appearance.

4. Oysters. The zinc in oysters is a powerful antioxidant. These kinds of foods can give you black and dense hair, so you can eat more.

In fact, the reasons for women's hair loss are not only the above four conditions, but also excessive dyeing or postpartum hair loss or even heredity. In short, there are many abnormal factors for women's hair loss. When you have hair loss, it is best to look at it first. What are the factors that cause hair loss? If it is because of stress, then you must go to stress relief in time. If it is because of diet, then you must adjust your diet.