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Black CNV 266 Laser Lamps Medical-Grade Hair In Growth Cap

$ 999.99$ 1799.99
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Suitable for: Unisex
Laser Lamps:266 High Quality Laser Lamps
Laser power: 5m/w pieces
Laser wavelength: 1330nm Power output
Biolight Comfort Desigh
Flexible Insert for a comfortable fit
Lightweight Sports Cap
88 premium laser diodes, situated for full scalp coverage
Less costly than in-office treatments 
Easy treatments: just 30 minutes 3x-4x per week 
Lasers calibr1ated to 1330nm for optimal scalp penetration 
Rated for up to 20,000 treatment sessions 
30-minute Automatic Shutoff with audible timing beeps
Openings allow direct flow of light energy to your hair
Suitable for head circumference: 58-61cm
Power socket: USB2.0


Abandoning the side effects and dependence of traditional hair growth products, using 1330nm hair growth laser energy, condensing the huge and expensive professional laser hair growth device into such a small Cap structure, which is extremely effective in delivering hair growth result.Prevent hair loss, safe and effective new hair, this is the CNV Laser Hair Growth CAP created by the power of technology

CNV Hair Growth Cap provides a safe treatment which has no heating effect, no damage to the skin and no side effects. Reverse hair loss & regain your confidence! you’ve noticed your hair thinning or falling out, this is the fastest and easiest way to reverse your hair loss and return to a youthful head of hair

White CNV 88 Laser Lamps Medical-Grade Hair In Growth Cap which can completely cover the hair loss area and nourish every damaged hair follicle.

White CNV 88 Laser Lamps Medical-Grade Hair In Growth Cap have absorbed sufficient laser energy, the acceleration of proteins,capillary vasodilation helps to absorb nutrients and oxygen in the blood to achieve the purpose of hair growth.

Clinically proven technology and FDA Cleared for men and women. The laser phototherapy like that provided by CNV is the ONLY non-drug FDA Cleared treatment option for hereditary hair loss. There are no adverse side effects ever reported. CNV laser devices are proven to regrow hair with an average hair count increase of 129 additional new hairs per sq. inch.

 Doctors worldwide recommend  CNV laser devices to treat Androgenetic alopecia – which includes baldness,Hereditary Hair Loss, Male and Female pattern hair loss, post-partum hair loss, menopause related hair loss, age related hair loss & thinning. CNV is also recommended for use after hair transplantation.

Suitable for all ages
You can grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair fast with clinical-strength hair restoration technology. You can use it on its own or combine it with other hair loss treatments; physicians believe low level laser-therapy (LLLT) can be used to enhance the results of other hair loss treatments.
Hands-Free & Easy To Use
Use it once every other day. Place on your head and turn on the power key and Cap will automatically start working, After 30 minutes of therapy, automatically end of one treatment. you will start enjoying a fuller head of hair in just 4-6 months! It’s never been easier to reverse hair loss to look your best throughout your life!
With a clear timer display,You can start,pause and resume your session whenever,Lightweight ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to wear;Intelligent integrated degisn,intelligent adjustment of the light mode.Built-in intelligent infrared sensor light,the product will stop working when it is not worn on the head 

6-Month Money Back Guarantee
We offer 180 days money-back guarantee and 1 Year quality warranty, Users can expect to see visible hair improvement in as little as 3 to 6 months.(results may vary). If you don’t see results with our products after 6 months, send it back for a FULL REFUND.You need to take pictures every 15 days for comparison, and keep correcting them in the middle, so that the best results will be achieved.

Packaged Included:
1 x Hair Regrowth Device
1 x Hair Growth Cap
1 x Charging Plug & USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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