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To improve hair loss, these 5 points must be done well

Human hair and bird feathers are made of protein. The main component of hair is keratin, and the main protein secondary structure is α-helix. Careful people will find that hair is not a hard, unpullable rope, but has a certain degree of elasticity. This is precisely because the α-helix imparts toughness to the hair like a single "spring", making the hair slender and tough, not easy to break.

As the name suggests, hair grows on a person's head, and its main function is to protect, groom and keep warm. It can also release sweat to regulate body temperature. There was a famous poet Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty. He once compared Man Lansi to his own troubles, but some people in modern times are troubled because of the loss of Man Lansi.

With the development of society and economy, more and more people suffer from hair loss. The word "balding" has become a common word for "self-deprecating" in everyone's mouth, and we usually don't forget each other's hairline level. , Sneaked up to Du Niang and asked how to prevent the hairline from shifting.

This article teaches you some ways to protect your hair and accurately prevent the hairline from shifting.


For people with different hair types, adjust the shampoo frequency according to the oiliness of the hair.

First, we need to understand the quality of our hair. Some people’s hair is more prone to oil, and some people’s hair is relatively dry, and there will be no "greasy heads" if you don’t wash your hair for a few days.

1. Oily hair

For example, people with oily hair need to wash their hair every other day in summer, even in winter when oil is not easy to wash their hair every three days.

2. Dry hair

Generally, the proportion of girls is relatively large, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t wash your hair for three days in summer. In short, be sure to keep your scalp clean. Because hair follicles are relatively fragile and can easily be blocked by grease, the fine dust on the outside is more likely to clog pores and even serious bacterial infections.

Know the frequency of shampooing, when is it better to wash your hair? In fact, any time is a good time. For this question, scientists did not give a strict answer. We should not focus on the question of when to wash our hair, but should give more consideration to post-wash care.


Be careful when washing your hair!

(1) Wooden comb for combing hair

Secondly, the comb we use when combing our hair is also very particular. Some people like plastic combs, because plastic combs are relatively smooth, but they generate static electricity, and combed hair can easily become messy under the friction of clothes. Some people naturally prefer wooden combs, saying that wooden combs nourish their hair, and wooden combs are not easy to generate static electricity.

(2) Straighten the hair before shampooing

It is documented that before washing the hair, use a wider comb to straighten the hair so that as much dust as possible can be removed when the water flows through the hair. In addition, it can also reduce the damage to the hair and protect our already "fragile" hair.

(3) Choose a mild shampoo

Using mild shampoo and conditioner can also protect the hair. Before applying, use a foaming net to foam the shampoo, and then apply the foam to the hair, gently massage the scalp with your fingers, and rinse off within five minutes.

(4) Dry the hair gently with a towel

After washing your hair, use a towel to gently soak up the moisture, don't rub it too hard. Because the scales of the newly washed hair have been opened, the hair at this time is relatively fragile. If you wipe it with a towel, it will damage your hair and make the originally dry hair worse.

(5) Refuse to perm and dye your hair frequently

Some fairies like to perm and dye their hair. As we all know, these chemicals are very harmful to hair. Not only that, some brands also contain carcinogens. Frequent perm or dyed hair is extremely harmful to the body and can make hair loss more serious.