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The hair is greasy. What is the reason for the hair loss? How to avoid it?

At present, there are three types of shampoos with the most "blacklists" reported on the market, namely, shampoos containing silicone oil, shampoos containing category S, and shampoos containing polyethylene glycol.

I also feel about the harm of these three shampoos, because for a while I used a shampoo recommended by a friend. Although I often see this shampoo in the supermarket, I have not used it before. I only started using it after my friend recommended it. .

Who knows that after using it three or four times, I got a lot of dandruff just after washing my hair, and my hair was itchy at night. I didn’t have much hair volume, and I started to lose my hair the next day. It’s too uncomfortable for me who have special baby hair. I checked and found that many people had the same reaction as me after using it, only to realize that this shampoo is not good for my hair.

Therefore, if you do not want your hair to become oilier or more washed away, it is recommended not to use the following three types of shampoos:

1: Shampoo containing silicone oil

The first shampoo that entered the blacklist was a shampoo containing silicone oil. Many shampoos on the market now contain silicone oil. This is because the main ingredient of silicone oil is polydimethylsiloxane. Oxyane will make your hair softer to the touch in a short time, but in fact this is just an illusion! If you don’t use it for a few days, your hair will be restored to its original condition. Frequent use of shampoos containing this silicone oil will cause your scalp to be covered and blocked by silicone oil, which will damage the health of your hair follicles and cause your hair to become oily and lose your hair.
Silicone oil shampoo

2: Shampoo containing S

The second type of blacklist is some shampoos that contain S-type foaming agents. Generally speaking, S-type foaming agents are used in detergents, floor cleaners and other cleaning products, but because of their strong cleaning power , The foam is rich in cost and cheap, so manufacturers will use them as the main ingredients of shampoo to form a cleaner wash feeling. The cleansing ability of this type S foaming agent is too strong, it will irritate the scalp, make the scalp water and oil imbalance, long-term use will cause dryness after washing, dandruff, itchy, greasy hair, hair loss, etc., and it is also harmful to hair quality. Obliterated damage! The name of the S-type foaming agent is sodium laureth sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.
S type foaming agent shampoo

3: Polyethylene glycol/polyethylene/PEG

The third type of shampoo that enters the blacklist is polyethylene glycol, polyethylene, PEG and other ingredients. Many shampoos are not fluid when squeezed out, stick together, and will not disperse when dropped on the ground, because they contain Thickening ingredients such as polyethylene glycol, polyethylene and PEG. Manufacturers use this ingredient to make the shampoo look more, but after using it, it will cause the hair to lose natural moisture. The lack of moisture in the scalp will cause the hair to become oily, and the hair follicle lacks nutrients and accelerates hair loss.
PEG series shampoo

How to choose shampoo?

Avoid shampoos with the above three types of ingredients and choose non-ionic, amino acid shampoos with more plant ingredients. Such shampoos have a pH value close to the scalp, are milder, and will not harm your hair.

I prefer to use nettle plant detergent. It is a non-ionic shampoo, which is milder than amino acids and has better cleansing power. It contains nettle grass, rosemary, medicinal sage, etc. herb
Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle can maintain vitality and elasticity of skin cells, delay aging, and promote skin metabolism.

Rosemary is a kind of fairy ingredient. It is a natural plant that specializes in fighting oily skin. It can deeply clean the hair follicles and shrink the hair follicles, making the hair tougher on the roots!

Medicinal sage has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, can promote cell regeneration, repair skin cell tissue, regulate skin oil secretion, reduce inflammation and swelling, deal with hair burns and inflammations, and activate various pores that stimulate oil. Activity.
Medicinal sage

All of these ingredients can adjust and repair the scalp environment. The scalp is good and the hair grows naturally. Because of the addition of this fairy plant ingredient, after insisting on using more than 1 bottle, now there is basically no hair loss problem. Now it is not necessary to wash your hair for 2 days. Itchy head.