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Laser Hair Growth Cap: Do They Work?

If you’ve searched online for products that treat hair loss, you may have seen ads, videos and other content promoting laser hair growth caps.
These devices use a technique called low-level light therapy to stimulate your hair follicles and promote hair growth. They’re widely promoted as a treatment for male pattern baldness and an alternative to medications like minoxidil and finasteride. 
Laser hair growth caps are supported by some science, however, the research that’s available right now is far from comprehensive. 
Below, we’ve explained how laser hair growth caps work, as well as their potential benefits for treating hair loss and stimulating hair growth.
We’ve also listed several other treatment options, from medications to hair-friendly habits, that you may want to consider if you’re beginning to lose your hair.
Laser Hair Growth Caps: The Basics
Male pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss in men, develops as a result of genetic factors and the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
The most effective treatments for male pattern baldness work by reducing the amount of DHT in your bloodstream and preventing damage to your hair follicles.
Laser hair growth caps and other laser hair devices rely on a technique called low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate your hair follicles and promote hair growth.
Although these products can and often do stimulate hair growth, they have no effect on DHT levels and don’t appear to stop long-term damage to your hair follicles.