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Hair loss experience

I'm 32 years old. I'm a mall worker. I'm young. Before, I serialized my hair diary in a forum. I didn't expect that so many people attached importance to me. Many people talked about how I could do it. Now I'm free, I'll sort out a post to talk about my hair process.
I have lost my hair for seven or eight years. Because my hair is too fierce, I have a tendency to be bald. Many friends who just know me think I am 40 years old! Once, I took my wife to a bar to meet my friends. I was also tricked by an old cow eating tender grass. My wife and I were so embarrassed that we could only drink and smile. I'm often teased like this, and I'm more and more afraid to go out to socialize. In order to improve hair loss, I have tried many methods. I have tried ginger juice shampoo, tonic, and hair helmet, but there is still no improvement.Hair Regrowth
Because of the poor personal image, the business was delayed, and the promotion could not be achieved without achievements. It was very painful to see that all my colleagues who had been employed for a shorter time exceeded me and obtained the opportunity for promotion and salary increase. Just when I was at my wits' end, my friend introduced me to a teacher who said he was specialized in improving hair loss. I inquired about teacher Jia's wechat. He carefully analyzed my hair loss and gave some suggestions.
I think he is very professional and willing to help me. He also has the patience to explain the principle of hair growth to me, so I told him all the methods I have used, and I want to know why they have never worked. Later, through his analysis, I learned that we should use targeted methods to generate hair according to the actual situation of each person's hair loss, while others' useful methods may not necessarily be useful. I didn't mix it up with my own reasons before, so it was always ineffective.
I trusted the teacher's talents to help me improve my hair loss, so I sent my photos to him. After reading them, he recommended some hair growth methods suitable for me. Therefore, under his guidance, I started a real journey of growth.