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Can ginger cure hair loss? These "secret defensive recipes" are unreliable, and the harm is far more terrifying than imagined

Hair loss is a very disturbing thing. It not only severely damages a person's appearance, but also brings great harm to a person's psychology. For this reason, many people search for various "secret recipes" everywhere. For example, using ginger to wipe the scalp, shampoo with various vitamins, drinking Chinese medicine, etc. But in fact, some of these remedies are useful, and some are completely unfounded, so you can’t just believe in various remedies. .
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In life, everyone loses hair every day. Generally speaking, as long as one does not lose more than one hundred hairs a day, it is not considered as hair loss. On the contrary, it is the people who have already lost their hair. Among the common hair loss factors, most of the hair loss caused by male hormones is male, and the rate of male hair loss is much higher than that of females. If you are worried that you are losing hair, then you should observe the number of hair loss, or when washing your hair, stroke the hair from the roots down. If there are more than 5, then it proves that you are on the verge of hair loss.

Many people think that Chinese medicine can grow hair, so they regard Polygonum multiflorum as a good medicine, but they ignore that Chinese medicine is also toxic. Although traditional Chinese medicine can prevent hair loss, long-term use can cause liver damage. After all, traditional Chinese medicine is also toxic. If you take it blindly without following the doctor's instructions, it will only cause health problems. There is no basis for ginger to treat hair loss, so it is not recommended to use ginger to smear the scalp. The ingredients contained in ginger can inhibit hair growth, and the use of ginger will be more serious.
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The use of vitamins to prevent hair loss does have a certain effect, but this effect has not been demonstrated. Therefore, it is not recommended to take large amounts of vitamins. Although the lack of trace elements has a certain relationship with hair loss, taking large amounts of vitamins is still harmful to health.

It is also unreliable to use some anti-hair loss shampoos to treat hair loss. Shampoos will not be in contact with the scalp for a long time and cannot achieve the purpose of preventing hair loss. Therefore, you should choose the most suitable shampoo for yourself. Blindly looking for shampoos to treat hair loss.
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