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A lot of hair loss after shampooing? Note: Stay away from 3 kinds of things daily, or help hair grow thicker

Stay away from sweets and high-oil foods

Desserts contain a lot of sugar, which stimulates the secretion of dopamine in the cerebral cortex after ingestion. Therefore, eating sweets will make people feel better, but it also brings great harm. The more common ones are chronic diseases such as obesity and high blood sugar. .
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In addition to the relatively simple points above, long-term sugar consumption + sedentary sitting will cause excessive sugar accumulation in the body, stimulate the brain to secrete oil, breed bacteria and a large number of mites. Therefore, to avoid hair loss, stay away from sweets.

The same is true of eating high-oil foods daily. Excessive intake of oil will cause fat to be metabolized. It will accumulate in the body. A large amount of oil will adhere to the blood vessels and be secreted from the hair follicles. Therefore, hair oil + scalp itching is also to control yourself. diet.

Keep away from cigarettes and oil fume

Frequent smoking + frequent exposure to oily smoke is an inferior stimulus to hair follicles. The gas produced contains a large amount of harmful substances, which will stimulate the normal secretion of platelets when entering the human body, which will cause the hair follicles to erupt and block and inhibit the growth rate of hair, so that the growth of hair cannot catch up with the rate of shedding.

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In daily life, you must stay away from smokers, and even put an end to such bad habits yourself. When cooking, you must turn on the range hood to reduce the damage to the hair follicles.

Stay away from shampoos containing sodium laureth sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate)

When washing hair, everyone will have the illusion that the more foam, the cleaner the hair, so they will wash 1-2 times, and the hair will foam up wildly. In fact, the foam in the shampoo is caused by sodium lauryl sulfate and its cleaning ability is very strong.

Although it works well, it is a toxic chemical substance. Excessive use is not good for the body. It can even irritate the scalp, destroy the original hair follicle oil balance, and cause hair loss.

How to deal with severe hair loss
1. Shampoo your hair reasonably

Many people maintain good living habits, go to bed early and get up early and eat lightly, or they are caused by the wrong shampooing method.

When washing your hair, you need to pay attention to the following points: keep the shampoo temperature at a suitable level, too high or too low is not good; do not apply the hair mask and conditioner to the surface of the scalp; after washing the hair, adjust the temperature of the hair dryer to mid-range, do not use Hot air blows directly; do not use hair care essential oils for a long time.

2. Pay attention to nutritional supplements

Many women have anemia, but they don't know if they are pale, lethargic, inefficient, or have anemia. And it is also one of the causes of hair loss. Therefore, in your diet, you must properly supplement some iron-containing vegetables and meats to stabilize the nutritional balance in the body.

Nutritional supplements should not be too single, and daily attention should be paid to the supplementation of trace elements such as protein and zinc, which can effectively improve hair loss and stabilize the metabolic environment of hair follicles.

3. Keep your mood happy

Many pregnant mothers are depressed after giving birth, and even stay in a low-pressure environment for a long time. They are full of pressure and easy to collapse. A small matter can ignite, which will cause the endocrine system in the body to become imbalanced and cause the occurrence of abscess.

Usually, you can do more outdoor activities, watch some weird and interesting variety shows, stabilize your mood, learn to adjust, and achieve the role of hair care.

4. Massage the scalp frequently

Before going to bed, you can take a moment to massage your scalp. Do not scratch with your fingertips, but massage with your fingertips in circular motions. This can promote blood circulation in the head and relax the tight nerves in the cortex.
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